A graphic of a house with many different types of furniture.

About Us

Ok, that real estate graphic makes absolutely no sense at all.

…and that’s the entire point of the Daily Stuffing.

That’s our why.

Irreverence without agenda.

Joyful ridiculousness without explanation.

It’s our entire approach to life, the world, the cosmos, and the 11th dimension where Joe Rogan’s guests hang out with the machine elves.

Everything is connected. And the more we see that, the funnier life gets, the less seriously we take the world (and ourselves), and the happier we all are.

And couldn’t we all use a few more smiles after the last few years of the Murder Hornets and the other stuff?

RIP, Murder Hornets. We hardly knew ye.

Unlike some other satirical outposts of the interwebz, we’re not here to try to change minds, beat controversial issues to death or take pot shots at the “other guys”, because in our view, there are no “other guys”.

Just one big, weird rock where extreme ironing is an actual thing. Look it up. You won’t regret it.

Friends, we’re just here for the party. To build a better, happier, more deliriously mirthful world where we laugh with everything rather than at it.

Where the first thing you see every morning is something that makes you giddy instead of something that makes you anxious.

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Because the Daily Stuffing is as much yours as it is ours, and we appreciate all your support to keep this nook of irreverent madness alive and kicking.

A better world is coming. One that’s lighter, freer and more exuberantly happy.

Help us build that world together.

Muah 😘