Carole Baskin Really Hoping For Another Pandemic


After her celebrity and notoriety soared during the lockdown of March, 2020, “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin has been openly lobbying for a new public health crisis to restore her prior levels of fame.

“I have all these wonderful animals to care for but no one to watch!”, said Baskin, after she may or may not have fed her latest partner to a tiger, “Maybe an Avian Flu outbreak? C’mon America, you can do it!”

Baskin, nostalgically looking back on the halcyon days of a sweatpants-clad public obsessed with her rivalry with an even more preposterous character, is optimistic things will turn around.

“I’m hopeful”, said Baskin, through a delectably maniacal smile, “A little typhoid fever will make my furry little babies very happy.”

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