REPORT: Local Restaurant Re-imagines Mac And Cheese For $28


After searching for a signature dish at his new rustic-chic-New American-Malaysian-Honduran-Portuguese-Korean-Lebanese fusion restaurant “Foodio”, award-winning chef Pablo De La Ripofo, 36, has come up with something bound to impress and impoverish local diners.

“There’s a big movement back towards the comfort food we grew up with”, said De La Ripofo, “So why not that hearty, warm Mac & Cheese we loved as kids for 10 times the price?”

Area patrons were excited by this new offering.

“I love Mac and Cheese! And I especially love that this place does it EXACTLY like my mom did!”, said Paige McCleanedout, 27, referencing the dish that was prepared in the same microwaved manner as she once knew in childhood, “And I think $28 is totally reasonable. You even get three bites. Four if you really stretch it out.”

Local food critics have raved about this new item, calling it, “Bold”, “Explosive” and “The same damn thing I get from Velveeta but with a tiny garnish of oregano.”

At press time, De La Ripofo was working on an encore menu release, re-imagining a can of Diet Coke as a delicacy requiring half a mortgage down payment.

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