Local Puppy Quite Happy Being More Popular Than Owner


Seeing his likeability index skyrocket after walks in the park, Instagram shares and simply existing, local puppy Mr. Poopsalot was more than content with his position in his household heirarchy.

“Let’s be real – no one’s liked Jane since college”, barked Mr. Poopsalot, 1, “So of course they’d choose my tail-wagging over her insufferable political ranting and raving.”

Mr. Poopsalot, with a head-to-head favorability rating over owner Jane McWhinesalot that clocked in at 100% to 17%, saw no reason to rock the boat.

“Sure, I suppose she could do some inner work and become more amicable to the other humans”, he barked, in between knawing on a hickory-flavored chew toy, “But then they might give her that bacon treat instead of me. And frankly, I’m not in the market for a lifestyle downgrade.”

At press time, Mr. Poopsalot had taken extra lengths to ensure his position, plastering both Trump and Biden bumper stickers on McWhinesalot’s car.

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