Channed Being Gets Literally Everything Wrong, Chooses New Careeer As Weather Forecaster


After repeatedly coming through to human channelers with messages that have been preposterously inaccurate, local being Spirito Del Wrongi, infinite, has decided to pivot to a new profession.

“I feel bad for my channeler – I ruined the poor schmuck’s career when I told him the Mayan Apocalypse was a thing”, said Del Wrongi, “The guy’s been stuck at some MLM racket selling magazines ever since.”

Other channelers were also happy to see Del Wrongi make this long overdue astral career change.

“Yeah, just tell me if I need an umbrella or not tomorrow, hopefully you won’t screw that up”, said channeler Maria Wooberg, 47, after relaying Del Wrongi’s message of imminent world peace the day before Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, “On second thought I think I’ll just fire up my weather app.”

At press time, Del Wrongi was preparing his first forecast for Miami, calling for a high of 28 with an 80% chance of snow.

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