Linkedin User Excited By New “People Who Have Disconnected From You” Feature


Longtime LinkedIn user Charles Forgetyoux, 53, came upon a new feature this morning that has changed his user experience in a new, stimulating way.

“They put ’em all together in one place!”, said a gleeful Forgetyoux, no longer having to wonder who quietly ended their friendship with him, “I saw Donna on the list yesterday and was like, ‘Damn! Et tu, Donna?’ Fantastic. This saves me the Christmas card.”

Not all users, however, were happy about this new development.

“I didn’t want him to know I bugged out on him!”, said the aforementioned Donna McVanish, 46, hoping her disconnection from Forgetyoux would remain in a permanent state of innuendo and mystery, “I really need to evaluate the zero dollars I pay for this place every month.”

At press time, LinkedIn was considering adding a new feature to follow up on their latest addition, one titled, “People who you turned down for Prom.”

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