Psychedelic Community Encourages Deep Dive Into Mushroom Cuts


With the recent uptick in mushroom enthusiasm sweeping the nation, advocates within the community believe that the most important step has still yet to be taken.

“Sure, Lion’s Mane can give you energy and Psilocybin can bring you closer to your soul”, said mycologist Randy McTurkeytail, 52, “but a good mushroom cut can land you a primetime 1996 sitcom.”

Others within the community were equally enthusiastic about this push.

“Mushroom cuts are so much more potent than they appear”, said Lara DiCordyceppi, 33, “Did you know that they form an advanced communication network that literally binds the entire Boy Band universe together?”

At press time, psychedelic advocates were pushing for mushroom cut legalization in all 50 states, claiming that they’ve shown remarkable efficacy in treating Boy-Meets-World PTSD.

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