Soul Decides To Go As Human Named Kelly For Halloween This Year


After debating between multiple costumes for the upcoming holiday, a divine fractal has decided to show up in the most outrageous costume of all.

“It’ll be a hoot”, said the Soul, “I’ll show up to the party crying, dramatic as hell, and I might even urinate on someone dressed as a doctor if I’m really feeling saucy.”

Others, however, have cautioned against this costume.

“Oh, sure, it’s all fun and games until you show up to the party and get a kidney stone”, said another Soul, fresh off a performance as ‘Curtis’ last Halloween, “Just go as a fire hydrant. It’s not as fun but at least all the dogs like you.”

At press time, the costume idea had inspired so many Souls, it sparked the organization of a human-themed party, where everyone agreed to don the human suit, take the party seriously, harshly judge everyone else’s costumes and have as much fun as a law school entrance exam.

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