Texas Governor Greg Abbott Threatens Biden Administration With Dak Prescott Postseason Highlight Film


With the standoff between the Biden Administration and the state of Texas heating up over the border crisis, Texas Governor has upped the ante, making a rare and direct threat towards Washington.

“You try to federalize the guard, and watch what happens”, said Abbott, preparing a reel of Dak throwing pick 6 after pick 6 in front of disgusted, booing crowds, “We’re not afraid to escalate. It’s your move, Mr. President.”

President Biden, when reached for comment, seemed taken aback by this threat of weapons of mass revulsion use coming from one of his own states.

“Look man, here’s the deal”, said Biden, “We invaded Iraq for less than what the Governor is threatening. Sending us footage of Dak checking down on 3rd and long in the 4th quarter is specifically prohibited by the Geneva Convention.”

At press time, Governor Abbott threatened even further escalation, mobilizing old footage of Ezekiel Elliott trying to do literally anything.

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