Bills Fans Suffer Devastating Loss, Get Consolation Prize Of Living In Buffalo In January


After enduring yet another season-ending heartbreak, this time at the hands of Taylor Swift, the fans of the long-hexed Buffalo Bills franchise have taken comfort in a consolation few other fanbases can boast.

“Sure, KC’s going onto play for the AFC championship, but it’s gonna get up to 16 here next week. Maybe 18 if we get a peek of sun”, said Bills fan Joe Tabledivinski, 30, while driving through a snow drift that dwarfs those seen on the Ice Planet Hoth, “Let’s Go Buffalo!”

Other Bills fans were also heartened by gratitude for their fortunate circumstances.

“Does it hurt? Sure it hurts. Every franchise has a kicker except ours”, said Pat McLabatt, 44, as his frostbitten, discolored fingers were beginning to lose functionality, “But at least we’re not Rochester.”

At press time, Bills fans were additionally encouraged by the fact that they got to live in Buffalo in February.

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