Influencers Of Linkedin Debating Whether They Should Still Post Inspirational Detroit Lions Message They Stopped Typing During 4th Quarter Collapse


After a furious evening of teeing up a flurry of Monday, “This is what it means to be a champion” posts that are now no longer relevant, the influencers of LinkedIn have come to a content crossroads.

“This would have gone viral for sure. Great story. Tough town. What a comeback, and you can do it too!”, said Don DiLiedown, 44, of Troy, “Now what? Tell them that it’s ok for you to also make bad decisions for your business when everything’s on the line?”

Others were also in limbo as to this decision.

“This was my best stuff ever”, said Brian Fumblerooski, 35, of Allen Park, “All about how you should never give up and never fold in the face of adversity. I guess the message still holds. I’ll just change the picture from Dan Campbell to Taylor Swift.”

At press time, the influencers of LinkedIn were making their morning coffees Irish ones after realizing they had depended on the Detroit Lions making a Super Bowl to deliver good content.

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