Expo Floor Teeming With Excitement Over Branded Pen Giveaways In Booth #2430


With the Society of Underwriters and Collectors of Kentucky annual conference and expo (SUCK ’24) underway, a steady buzz has been building on the floor of the Louisville convention center about a game-changing giveaway.

“I won a Tesla on aisle 11”, said attendee Rufus McHallwanderer, 54, of Paducah, “But I got a dozen of ’em at home already. Now…pens?? Hell, I never seem to have one when I need one. Especially ones with the Morehead Underwriters Association insignia on ’em.”

Attendees, when asked about the source of this excitement, couldn’t wait to share their thoughts about this development.

“It’s not only a functional tool for capturing my thoughts, it’s also an effective weapon should things go sideways at the vendor party later”, said Kat Kittykat, 31, of Covington, “I mean, have you seen ‘Casino’??”

At press time, the occupants of Booth #2430 were not only excited about their forthcoming pen giveways, but also about the opportunity to scan your badge and invite you to take a survey to please their boss back home.

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