Family In Pajamas Asked To Leave Restaurant For Being Too Overdressed


A relaxing dinner for the Jamapants family took an unexpected turn Saturday night, when the family, dressed in their favorite bedtime haberdashery, were asked to leave the premises.

“They were making the other patrons uncomfortable”, said restaurant manager Skip McTip, 34, “Most people these days only show up to eat in flip flops, a half a shirt and possibly a ballcap if there’s a wedding on. Pajamas are far too formal for our establishment. We have a brand to think about.”

The Jamapants family, however, forcefully pushed back on this humiliating expulsion.

“They said people would get the wrong idea and think this was a fine dining establishment”, said Rae Jamapants-Skywalker, 35, “I’m sorry, but we like to be presentable when we leave the house. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer who has my matching slippers.”

At press time, the restaurant was considering a settlement with the Jamapants family, offering an ownership stake in exchange for taking down their 1 star review which mentioned the incident as well as the sight of another patron who was spotted wearing actual pants.

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