Family That Says They Shouldn’t Wait A Whole Year Before Seeing Each Other Again Absolutely Planning To Wait A Whole Year Before Seeing Each Other Again


After a delightful family reunion where many members of the Smith family declared that they should see each other far more often, it’s been confirmed that they will not, in fact, be seeing each other far more often.

“Let’s be real – that’s just something we say for granny”, said cousin Curtis, 34, of Raleigh, “The less of Brianna I get, the lower my blood pressure goes.”

This sentiment was corroborated by other members of the family.

“All Shelia ever wants to talk about is that terrible man I dated for a month back in ’87”, said aunt Rae, 61, of Winston-Salem, referring to her cousin whose levels of conversational insufferability continue to astound onlookers, “I don’t even remember his name. Why does she??”

At press time, uncle Harold remained the lone member of the family planning to follow through on the hollow promise, in hopes of more quickly retrieving the $300 he loaned cousin Maurice to fix his alternator in February.

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