Linkedin Person Who Sells Things To People With Your Exact Job Title Wants To Connect Just Cuz


After sending his 29th connection request of the day to targeted, optimal customers for his insurance solutions, LinkedIn user John Nopitch, 36, was excited to grow his network for its own sake.

“It would be wonderful to see what your interests are”, said Nopitch, who has zero intention of using said interests in a customized sales approach, “I see you like mercenary work in Mali too! What a funny coincidence.”

LinkedIn users, when asked for comment, were refreshed by this approach.

“At first I thought…oh no, here it comes”, said Sara Effouttahere, 49, whose company could make Nopitch’s entire year if they opt for his services, “But then he mentioned that his sister also lives in Cape Girardeau and that we should jump on a chat to talk about that sometime. Maybe we should!”

At press time, Nopitch was found to have remarkably attended the same high school as all 371 of his most recent connections.

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