Iran Strikes Pakistan After Accusations Of Harboring Shahs Of Sunset


No longer willing to let a brewing threat across its borders remain unchallenged, the Iranian regime has launched a massive missile and drone strike against Pakistan, a nation it accuses of harboring the “terrorist” Shahs of Sunset.

“The Shahs of Sunset have been enemies of the revolution since they first aired on Bravo in 2012”, said Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, “And we will no longer allow Pakistan to harbor them or their blinged-out Mercedes.”

Pakistani military officials, when reached for comment, were resolute in their response.

“This strike will be answered”, said Pakistani General Bilal O’Farooqi, as Pakistan reciprocally hit targets inside Iran, “And we will continue to provide a safe haven until their lawsuit with Ryan Seacrest productions comes to a conclusion.”

At press time, India, Israel and Saudi Arabia were reported to be monitoring the situation closely, with copious amounts of popcorn on hand.

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