Las Vegas Sunset Now Charging $30 Viewing Fee


After another breathtaking, awe-inspiring sunset over the Southern Nevada desert, the picturesque scene has followed its local peers by devising a new and creative way to part visitors from their money.

“Give us a break; we got crushed in 2020 and have a lot of lost revenue to make up for”, claimed the sunset, lamenting its lack of visitors and IG shoutouts during the era of pivoting and Pomeranians wearing masks, “But it’s only $30 to watch the sun break through the clouds, which is still a great deal and gives you a credit on your sunset viewing player card.”

The sunset, inspired to charge this fee by every other Las Vegas fee-based activity including parking, sleeping, blinking, digesting, speaking, seeing and existing within space-time, felt the fee was more than fair.

“You try getting these mountain views in Biloxi or your local tribal joint”, said the sunset, amidst its spectacular descent into a Q1 balance sheet in the black, “And if you watch enough of these, you’ll get a comp for the shrimp cocktail at Terrible’s.”

At press time, the sunset had considered amending the fee to only $28 for those with a Nevada driver’s license.

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