Las Vegas Sports Books To Take Action On Predictions By Spiritual Channelers


Looking for new ways to increase revenue, sports books across Sin City have delved into an unlikely source of wagering, one sure to open up a lucrative new market.

“We’ve got Bashar’s prediction of a global consciousness awakening by 2025 opening at 3:2”, said Binions sports book manager Shady McRobya, 54, “But I tell my regulars, you can hedge with the Arcturians call for a new flood by the end of the year, and we got that opening at 50:1. If we all get wiped out, you get a pretty healthy payday.”

Gamblers were excited to see this new line of betting open and were looking forward to trying their luck.

“They all contradict each other”, said Robby Degenerativo, 47, of Boulder City, referring to the most popular channeled predictions for the year, “But that’s where all the action is, right? I got a world war, locust outbreak in Denmark and UConn-Marquette hitting the over locked in at an 8-1 parlay.”

At press time, the sports book at the MGM Grand had closed betting for the day after reports that St. Germain was involved in a point-shaving operation.

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