Local HOA Rules Against Letting Your Freak Flag Fly


When presented a motion to let one’s freak flag fly, inspired by a post on LinkedIn, the Tree Valley HOA has firmly rejected said motion, now and for the forseeable future.

“No. Absolutely not”, said Karen De La Kareno, 56, “The bylaws clearly state that NO flags shall be flown on HOA or private property, to include political flags, freak flags, or Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s fun with flags.”

HOA member Brad Rebellino, 47, however, stepped forward as the lone voice of dissent.

“My freak flag is robust, proud and a family heirloom”, said Rebellino, long a rival of De La Kareno on the HOA Facebook page, “You don’t get to tell me what I can put on my property. Especially you, Ms. violates-the-rules-with-her-bird-feeder.”

At press time, other HOA’s the nation over had also rejected motions to let freak flags fly, citing the controversial nature of freak flags that could radicalize the least boring members of the community.

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