Local Man Tells People He’s Originally From Tulsa, Inducing Widespread Shock And Confusion


Upon being asked where he’s “really” from for the 4,765th time in recent history, local man Mike Chin, 27, has continued to stun, perplex and befuddle with his response.

“I tell them I’m from here”, said Chin, recalling the many inquisitors who’ve fallen to cardiac arrest after receiving his answer, “But when they ask where my parents are from, I tell them Broken Arrow. Thats usually when the ambulance arrives.”

Questioners, having difficulty reconciling an answer that doesn’t include a location in the Far East, have been unable to square this circle despite mounds of inquiry.

“No way, I mean, c’mon”, commented Mike Notchin, 44, of Catoosa, “It’s gotta be somewhere like China or Nigeria.”

At press time, Chin was looking forward to answering the same question again, keeping a defibrillator on his person in the likely event of its need.

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