Local Woman Sees 11:11, Thanks Angels For Sending Message That She’s Two Hours Late For Work


Peering over to her clock, local woman Maggie McCrystalstuff, 36, has found a message that she’s certain came from those watching over her.

“11:11…make a wish!”, said McCrystalstuff, subsequently having to wish for new employment as a result of her gross tardiness, “It’s wonderful knowing my team is looking out for me.”

Maggie’s guardian angel Metatron, when reached for comment, was significantly more direct.

“It wasn’t some vague message”, he said, while also spinning up a tornado in Tennessee just for kicks, “She was literally two hours late and never checks the clock. Work with me, lady.”

At press time, McCrystalstuff was also basking in the Angel number of 555, which was sent to her in the form of unread messages on Match.

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