Man In Heaven Really Glad He Spent Life Arguing With Strangers On The Internet


After 39 years on Earth, the majority of which were spent correcting random people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora and the HOA community Facebook page, recently deceased man Jim O’Wrong, upon reviewing his life, was extremely glad he followed the course he had.

“It was like a panoramic movie”, said O’Wrong, regarding his life review, “And I couldn’t help but think, ‘That guy on LinkedIn was such an idiot about his economic forecast for 2017. Someone had to set him straight’. Glad it was me.”

O’Wrong, following his divine mission to bring love, light and the facts according to him onto social media, sat in basking appreciation for having seen his quest through.

“I had one dicey moment in 2021 when I almost let my aunt get away with a stupid political opinion”, said O’Wrong, “Emphasis on *almost*. I know she’s down there thanking me.”

Others still living were less appreciative of O’Wrong’s commitment to his Earthly quest.

“Jim was…”, said LinkedIn connection Mara McSeeya, 34, “Well, yeah. I’ll leave it at that.”

At press time, O’Wrong was looking forward to his next incarnation as a German Shepherd, where he can correct the other rescues in the shelter on proper barking techniques.

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