NCAA Approves New Rule Allowing Mid-game Transfers To The Other Team


After careful consideration informed by several studies and a bag of potent quaaludes, the NCAA rules committee has announced a new bylaw that allows student-athletes the ability to transfer to the opposing team during games.

“This is great”, said former LSU left tackle Bocephus De La Croix Boudreaux Landry, 20, while changing uniforms at halftime, “I’ve always wanted to be an Auburn Tiger during fourth quarters. Might do Tennessee for a half next week if South Carolina’s first-quarter NIL package comes in a little light.”

The ruling has led to pushback, however, from traditionalists who feel that the new rules have given athletes too much power.

“There was a time when we had respect for the game”, said Texas A&M booster Cody McPetrobucks, 56, “Now I can’t even give ’em a phony job at my brother’s car dealership without ’em asking for an ownership stake in the fleet. All about the money, ain’t it?”

At press time, the NCAA was considering further rule changes, allowing student-athletes to film commercials between snaps and receive a portion of all legal settlements nationally involving people who share their first names.

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