Report: Local Guru Hosts Accessible Bali Retreat Intended For all Forbes 100 Seekers


After lamenting the exclusive, time-consuming and cost-prohibitive retreats that pepper the spiritual landscape, local healer Shari McLayaway, 51, has decided to buck the trend with her latest event.

“So many people tell me…Shari, I’d LOVE to go, but I just can’t swing it with my investor meeting in Geneva”, said McLayaway, “So I really wanted to make this event a chance for *everyone*, regardless of hedge fund calendars, to come together and swallow up their competitors in a peaceful setting of divine oneness.”

Attendees were grateful that this event, unlike so many others, was able to meet them where they were.

“Why should these things only be for the super-rich who can spend a week in Sedona any time they want?”, asked Todd Yogamat, 48, “What about the super-rich who’ve got **** to do? Thank you, Shari. I feel seen.”

At press time, McLayaway was planning a follow-up retreat at a private island in the Maldives, keeping the theme of inclusivity alive by offering scholarships to low-income millionaires.

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