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Report: RAM DASS: “We’re All Just Walking Each Other To Home Depot”


Looking back on the sage wisdom of the revered spiritual leader, his hallowed words ring as true today for a new generation of disciples.

“I remember him saying that years ago”, said Moonbeam McGuru, 48, of Sedona, “And I don’t think he meant it metaphorically. They were having a hell of a deal on Traeger grills.”

Others tried to find deeper meaning in his words.

“It’s clear what he was trying to say”, said Transcendence O’Crystalshop, 34, “We all emanated from the source of Home Depot, and our journey through this realm is just a pit stop until we return to aisle 12. Maybe aisle 13. Depends on which Ayurvedic text you reference.”

Seen holistically, his profound words remain evergreen today.

“It’s all about kindness at the end of the day”, said Seance Di Channelo, “And not denting my damn Hyundai with your shopping cart on the way out.”

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