“They Had Colors We Don’t Have On Earth”, Reported Man After Near-death Experience About Colors Every Woman Already Knows About


After driving on I-95 between West Palm Beach and Miami, local man John McSawthelight found himself engulfed in a near-death experience, seeing colors that were new to him, but familiar to every woman in his life.

“It was amazing”, said McSawthelight, of the vivid colors known commonly as Magenta, Aquamarine and Teal, “We don’t have any of that here.”

After describing his experience to his wife and sister, both were left mouth agape, in utter awe and disbelief that he’d literally never heard of Fuschia or Indigo.

“Is he for real?”, said wife Laura McSawthelight-Youseriousman, “It was the literal color scheme of our wedding invitations.”

At press time, McSawthelight was working with a publisher to write a memoir about his experience, titled, “It looked kinda blue, but not really.”

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