Yoga Goats Considering General Strike


In a development that’s rocked the niche, unsettling and frankly maniacal world of goat yoga, the International Brotherhood of Yoga Goats, local #338, is planning on a work stoppage.

“Look, I’m gonna give it to you straight”, said foreman Joey Goatini, “My goats are out here bustin’ their humps and standin’ on other people’s humps and all they give us is off-brand feed. These suits won’t even spring for better quality grass. We ain’t doin’ this no more.”

These plans have thrown the entire industry into disarray.

“What now?”, said Goat Yoga studio owner Crystal Newage, “Actual yoga? Please. But if they want to play hardball, that’s fine. We can wait them out. We have the sheep ready to step in as scabs if need be.”

At press time, negotiations between the union and studio owners were ongoing, with the main impasse being the use of goat milk in the chia smoothies.

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