A man and woman sitting at the table with food.

Breaking: Local Wife Gives Husband Early Christmas Gift of Simply Answering, “Ok” When Asked How Her Work Day Was


In a stunning story that’s received international attention, local wife Mary Di Workino, 44, has given her husband the most extraordinary Christmas gift in the annals of recorded history.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes…I was like a kid again!!”, said husband Tom Di Workino, 45, “I was waiting on the usual dissertation with slides and graphs about the latest office drama, but she just said ‘ok’ and let me get back to my chicken cutlets. God bless us, everyone!”

Other husbands found themselves laced with envy over this extravagant show of generosity.

“Tom is one lucky SOB”, said neighbor Jimmy Jeloso, 38, “All my wife got me was a new Porsch 911 GT3.”

At press time, Di Workino reciprocated this extraordinary act of selflessness by doing the dishes for the first time since August 4th, 2011.

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