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Breaking: Taylor Swift to Officially Join Chiefs Roster, Start at Wide Receiver


After suffering through the worst receiving corps in the history of organized football, the Kansas City Chiefs have made a bold roster move leading into the playoffs.

“Did you catch her on the Eras tour? She already has much better coordination than MVS or Toney”, said head coach Andy Reid, “And worse comes to worse, she can always put the refs on blast with one of her callout ballads. ‘Offsides This’ or something. That’ll definitely go platinum.”

Swift, already a fixture at Chiefs games due to her relationship with star Tight End Travis Kelce, is excited to begin this next phase of her career.

“I’ve already got the playbook down”, said the pop superstar, practicing go routes and bubble screens in her studio, “As long as Brittany Mahomes stays out of my way, we should be just fine.”

At press time, opposing defensive coordinators were scrambling to come up with a scheme to stop Swift, as defensive backs the league over were planning on taking selfies with her after each snap.

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