In Sign Of Stabilizing Housing Market, Local Home Lists For $17.3 Million


In the latest sign that the red-hot housing market has reached its plateau, Central Arkansas homebuyers have come upon an affordable listing for the first time in years.

“Thank goodness – my wife and I thought we’d be renters forever”, said Bobby Bobbyville, 37, of Haywood, after being approved for a 300-year mortgage on the property, “This place just needs a little TLC and plumbing and electricity and a new foundation and windows and walls and rooms and a kitchen and a mailbox.”

The property, currently engulfed in a bidding war between the Bobbyville’s and 2,841 other prospects, has been the canary in the coal mine of a market that’s becoming dramatically more accessible to middle-income buyers.

“I just barely got outbid last week for that 1/16 acre chunk of swamp out by Hensley”, said Rufus Scroogemcduck, 53, “But I know that four mil will get me somethin’ around here. Maybe the Anderson’s shed if they lower the asking price a bit.”

At press time, other properties around the nation were also seen lowering their valuations, as Miami condos once exclusively-reserved for Saudi Sheikhs have become accessible to Emirati and Qatari Sheikhs as well.

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