Local Psychic Has Powerful Ability To Channel The Weather Channel


Roy McWoostuff, 43, has recently discovered an ability that has left his friends, family, and six followers on YouTube in utter awe.

“It’s amazing”, said McWoostuff’s sister, Krystal McWoostuff, 38, “One day he just closed his eyes, started nodding his head back and forth, and then his voice changed and he started telling me about the weekly forecast while humming some light jazz from the 90s.”

McWoostuff, developing this ability seemingly out of nowhere, is still working on cultivating this power that can, at times, overwhelm him.

“It’s wild”, he said, “They just come through and start telling me in an AI voice that there’s a 30% chance of precipitation with a low of 57. Then they shift voices and take me live to Jim Cantori getting blown away by a hurricane in Louisiana.”

At press time, McWoostuff was developing additional channeling abilities, including tapping into his guides who are trying to sell him a dutch oven on QVC.

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