Local Woman Takes MDMA, Feels Blissful Love For All Of Creation Except Mother-in-law


After taking MDMA, a medicine also known in New York as, “Ecstasy”, in Oregon as, “Molly”, and in Oklahoma as, “You have the right to remain silent”, local woman Emily McTrippin, 29, has found herself in loving communion with all that is.

…almost all that is.

“I was in a perfect state of joy, unconditional love and happiness beyond belief”, said McTrippin, “Then that wet blanket walked in the room and not even the Molly took the edge off her incessant complaining about my parenting choices.”

McTrippin, taking a journey into the source consciousness of radiant connection while skillfully avoiding Christmas dinner with that insufferable, meddling tyrant, has learned much on this ascension.

“It really is a miracle medicine”, said McTrippin, “As long as you’re single and/or hitched to an orphan. Otherwise, might want to add a shroom and a Xanax when she decides it’s time to bring up politics.”

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