Local Woman Becomes Life Coach, Sends Family And Friends Invoice After Each Conversation


After getting certified as a life coach by the International Galactic Federation of Life Coaches and Hairdressers, local woman Mia Chargesmuch, 36, has pivoted to a lucrative business model based on her existing daily conversations.

“My time is valuable and I honor myself with my rates”, said Chargesmuch, after sending her mother a pro-rated invoice of $267.81 for a 36-minute chat about the ongoing boyfriend drama of her niece, “I am whole. I am loved. I am going to make my mortgage payment on time this month.”

Those in the circle of Chargesmuch were surprised to receive these invoices and planned on disputing them.

“Oh hell no”, said her friend Shari McGrifted, 38, “Her advice wasn’t even that good anyway. Find inner peace? Girl, I read that in a fortune cookie last week.”

At press time, Chargesmuch was planning on reporting all delinquent payments to the credit bureaus, as such an action would be in alignment with the desires of her higher self and need to stick it to Monique who still owes her 20 bucks from high school.

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