New “Left Behind” Movie To Focus On Kids Whose Drunken Parents Forgot Them At Disney


After the success of the “Left Behind” movie series that focused on the rapture, end times and need for Cameron Kirk to receive a steady paycheck for acting services rendered, the latest installation will take a decidedly different turn.

“People are tired of the fire and brimstone”, said producer Jim McRepenti, 46, “And they’re ready for the heartwarming story of a couple of parents who got so sauced at Epcot they forgot they were parents.”

The main stars of the movie, Caleb Abandino, 5 and Kaleb De La Abandonez, 3, were excited to begin filming.

“I can totally pretend my mommy forgot about me”, said Abandino, at a pre-shoot press conference, “She does that anyway when Roy comes over on Fridays. I hate Roy.”

At press time, fans of the original “Left Behind” series were planning on protesting the remake, insisting that neither Mickey nor Daisy Duck were saved.

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